Get paid to write

Here’s everything you need to know about contributing paid articles to the Attrat blog.


  • Write about how freelancers, solopreneurs, and startups founders can more easily, ethically, and economically attract buyers, leads, followers, talents, backlinks, traffic, quality contents, beta testers/early users, etc. for free or a reduced fee. Remember, SEDUCTION/ATTRACTION–not AGGRESSION–is the name of the game. Humanize the brand if it helps to put it in another way. Therefore your submission may not be suggestive or contain information relating to advertising, automation, or email outreach.
  • Get into detail with screenshots, examples, numbers, visuals when and where necessary. Exclusive tips, only (anecdotal experience preferred). Also, if and when possible, associate your post with a keyword.
  • Submitted content must be your ORIGINAL WORK and should be previously unpublished. Keep the final draft under 1000 words.
  • Articles MUST be free from grammatical errors.
  • You may link out to two relevant authority publications in your submission. Feel free to link to as many other articles as you want on the Attrat blog.


  • DON’T send more than one pitch before you hear back from me, or “check-in” to confirm receipt. I respond to all valid queries within seven days. I am unable to respond to inquiries about the status of submissions. Please be patient.
  • DON’T send irrelevant topics. Refer to the first bullet point in the DOs section. 
  • DON’T submit full article–article ideas only.

Additional Information

  • To contribute, you must be an experienced blogger/freelancer, e-commerce store owner, hiring manager, content strategist, SaaS/B2B marketer, or founder/entrepreneur.
  • Create content in Google Docs.
  • You get paid $50 via Paypal.
  • You’ll be paid within three days after your article has published.
  • After payment, the right to the use of the article transfers to Attrat. Thus, you CAN’T publish the content in part or whole–not even on your blog. You can, however, link or share it as many times as you want. 
  • You can contribute twice a month for now.
  • Your submission will be published upon approval.
  • There are several reasons your submission may have been rejected, and I try my best to offer feedback to valid queries. If you feel the feedback isn’t enough, you can take a cue from the blog’s published posts.
  • If your pitch has been rejected, you shouldn’t waste your time completing the draft. Feel free to pitch in another idea while 100% adhering to the guidelines on this page. Or you could submit your ideas in some other places online.
  • Direct comments/questions to sam<at>attrat<dot>com

How to contribute

  • Send an email to sam<at>attrat<dot>com. Your email should include an overview of the article you wish to contribute in addition to a URL to your published work.
  • Within seven days, I’ll reply, letting you know the status of your submission (rejected, approved, needs improvement).
  • If your pitch request is accepted, start writing, and when you’re ready, attach a Google Docs link to the final draft for review. You have up to a week from the time of receiving the invite.
  • Your article gets published if it meets Attrat’s contribution guidelines. You’ll receive a notification.
  • Join the conversation and share the article on social media.