Last year I started following a Success Journey thread of a guy on the Black Hat World forum. This guy (let’s call him Jack) had set a goal of earning $10000/month from his Amazon niche website. He was close to achieving that goal when he announced he would be selling his website. He cited Google’s unpredictability as his reason for wanting to sell. Some people supported this decision. On the other hand, others are of the view that he shouldn’t sell, citing growth, which will potentially increase the asking price for the website. 

Eventually, the website was sold for mid-five figures, as reported. All these happened between December 2019 and February 2020.

However, barely two months after, on the 14th of April precisely, Amazon sent a price slash notice to their Affiliates. This notice took effect on the 21st of April. To break the price slash down without boring you with the details, Amazon associates have now seen earnings cut in half. Some categories, such as Health and Personal Care, even saw more than 70% drop.

That, and on the 4th of May 2020, Google updated its algorithm once again. Many websites lost rankings, traffic (up to 50% in some cases), and revenue. 

Don’t also forget that Facebook is still aggressively banning ad accounts. Not to mention the Covid-19 pandemic, which has caused people to lose their jobs, plus have little disposable income to spare. 

The bottom line, there are businesses, markets, and careers that depend 100% on the likes of Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. Or, better put, these big brands’ activities have significant impacts (positive/negative) on several aspects of life. 

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