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Looking for a way to attract buyers, leads, website/store visitors, backlinks, social media following WITHOUT the C? C being COST?

Contents, ads, software, backlinks… everything is just crazy expensive. Worst yet, in the online world of today, visibility is skewed. No one wants to pay you attention if you’re new or small. 

Enter: Attrat.

Attrat is a blog for freelancers, solopreneurs, and startup founders who want to attrat buyers, leads, followers, talents, backlinks, traffic, quality contents, beta testers/early users, etc. WITHOUT or with less C. Here at Attrat, it just so happen we hate the letter C and everything it stands for in the context of business–except of course when the C stands for cash. So really no shame, no regret, no apology!

Once again, you’re welcome to explore Attrat if you

  • Want to more easily, economically and ethically earn your audience attention, trust, and money;
  • Want to get more people talking about your brand, increase customer loyalty, and keep existing clients. 

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